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To prevent dehydration, drink teeth in Vietnam

To prevent dehydration, drink teeth in Vietnam,about to fall, you can gently shake it with your fingers, but do not push or tug. Eat hard foods. To promote this process, eat carrots, apples, or crunchy foods as it will help your teeth shake. The teeth can even fall off without you knowing it. Consult your dentist if your teeth develop abnormally or take more than 2-3 months and still have not fallen, then it is best to go to the dentist and ask for advice on whether to let it fall or to spit it.  After consulting the dentist, follow exactly as directed. Gums care. If you bleed when extracting teeth or missing teeth, gently press the cotton swab into your gums. Often, the teeth do not bleed a lot. If so, place a towel, cotton pad or tissue on the teeth until the bleeding stops, then rinse thoroughly with saline solution.

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Amangam cấy răng implant

Amangam is a kind of graft used for a long time. This is a mixture of metal molecules including mercury, silver, zinc, copper. Advantages: This material is very cheap, easy to use, good in strength and is often used in large welds or in places subjected to high pressure such as the chewing surface of the molar. Disadvantages: There is no aesthetics due to the silver color, often used to weld the teeth inside the mouth like teeth. In addition, this type of sealant also have the ability to conduct electricity affect the feeling when eating hot food, cold …


Composite this is a new filling material, popular in recent years. Overseas, composites are increasingly favored by its superior features than many other fillings. cấy ghép implant ở đâu tốt nhất

Advantages: High aesthetics, there are many different colors to choose the right color teeth. In addition, the strength and wear resistance of Composite is higher than other fillings. Therefore, it can be used for welding in various positions in the oral cavity, from the place requires high aesthetic to the place where the ability to bear good.

Disadvantages easily flushed out if you eat hard, tough foods. The teeth are chipped, broken. Post-treatment for deep cavity, myelitis. The teeth are worn out, small openings. When the treatment of porcelain teeth for large teeth. There are currently two main types of fillings, Amangam and Composite

If you do not want tooth decay, black or broken, the longer it lasts, filling teeth is a simple solution, the fastest treatment to achieve high efficiency. This technique has some advantages not to be missed.

Helps prevent cavities effectively Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Aesthetic fillings not only help restore the original shape of the teeth but also protect the teeth from the invasion of harmful bacteria causing tooth decay.

High aesthetic with high aesthetic material will ensure not only a sustainable teeth but also natural beauty, harmony like the real teeth.

Restore the original shape of the teeth

In cases of broken or open, fillings will help restore the original shape of the teeth, sometimes even more beautiful.  The physician examines the patient’s dental condition. The doctor will take the lightest acid solution to apply on the restoration and then coat a sticky adhesive. Then fill with thin layer (more or less depending on the teeth), correct the fillings in the shape of the teeth. Light the photosynthetic pigment to make the material and teeth make a homogeneous mass. Then smooth the surface and polish the filler to retain the fillings with the teeth. Re-examine and monitor the results of treatment. vietnam dentist prices

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