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 when the shopkeeper expressed his opinion against teeth in Vietnam

when the shopkeeper expressed his opinion against teeth in Vietnam, a commonly used method to help those with tooth decay, loss of teeth have the ability to chew better. Persons who need to use removable dentures often have weakened teeth, heavily eroded teeth, heavy teeth that make eating painful, must be removed or lost or lost teeth. Depending on the situation, the choice of removable dentures is right for you. At present, there are two methods of cultivating porcelain dental flushes used for: semi-permanent and semi-permanent teeth. Semi-sectional dental implantation involves the use of dentures to grow into missing teeth on the jaw. Dental crowns will appear to fill the gaps, helping to make your teeth more full. However, this method of partial tooth cultivation is somewhat inconvenient because it removes, inserts into the toothed teeth of the steel connecting teeth.

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Causes of dental disease

Oral cavity is one of the most important parts of the body in general as well as the digestive system in particular, helping to crush and decompose part of food before reaching the intestine. However, the oral cavity is also the most susceptible to the disease due to a number of reasons: vietnam dentist prices

Bad oral hygiene habits

There are too many tartar

Frequently perform tartar

Lack of substances like vitamin A, vitamin D, and flor

Development of oral cavity bacteria

There are some diseases in the body, common is gastroesophageal reflux disease that causes acid damage to enamel damage.

The most common is the upper teeth and wisdom teeth, in which case the extraction is the most effective solution. avoiding the risk of bad for the remaining teeth. Because if the wisdom teeth deviate can penetrate the teeth around it affects the structure of the teeth, causing the teeth to tilt, even the side teeth can be broken, affecting the pulp, tooth decay on the other hand, For patients who are unlucky enough to own deformed teeth, malleable toothbrushes, and need for cosmetic prosthetic dentures may also have to remove some teeth to facilitate the implementation of dentures, orthopedic. …

Should salt be diluted after extraction?

After extraction, some blood vessels at the spit site need time to seal, otherwise proper care can cause bleeding in the mouth. It is important to note that dentists usually remove the tooth and do not rinse or brush teeth within 6 hours after the spit and absolutely not move to the new tooth. With diluted saline solution, patients need to wait until the third day after tooth extraction to be done. Saigon Vietnam dental implants

Salt is not only one of the essential spices, but it is also known as the “medicine” for patients with dental disease. In salt water, there are various active ingredients with high antimicrobial properties, which help to remove bacterial plaque, scum to clean the teeth, to avoid inflammation, which is suitable for use later. when the tooth extraction. However, salt water that is not used in the first two days after extraction is due to antiseptic properties that can kill or wash off newly formed cells, causing blood clotting after spit, making it too Healing will last longer.

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